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Tired of Training and Coaching Programs that promise but don't deliver.

KUDWATM is not a TRAINING initiative!

You’re waisting your time and money


Yes, if you want change, you’re waisting your precious resources on training and coaching. Think about your own experience. If training alone produced the right outcomes, most companies would no longer be producing mediocre results. Something important is missing. Analyses our KUDWATM methodology below to see the % probability impact of training and coaching has towards implementing change. And what’s missing! Then contact us for a free consultation.


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Wisdom is the application

of knowledge using good judgment

Think of our solutions as an approach to solve your greatest challenges:


Firstly, the offer of a solution implies more than an approach, process or technique, it is neither theory nor academics, it must include evidence based results. Mathematically speaking, the solution simply means problem solved.


This means that training is not a solution, neither is coaching. They are elements in a process that prepares you to solve a problem.  Think about learning a new skill like learning to lead people.


Reading a book and watching training videos, will not make you competent.  Coaching increases the likelihood of applying training, but more is required to implement success in individuals or organisations. Coaching may solve individual weaknesses in self-discipline, personal drive and commitment in the trainee, however if organisation and team culture are misaligned to the change initiative, the intended results are not achieved.


A fundamental process is being overlooked. The right training and coaching is the foundation that provides KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING. However, there is a process to be followed further, that allows people to use good judgement (DISCERNMENT) and helps them develop excellent systems providing continuity, consistency and accountability - guaranteeing implementation of desired outcomes (WISDOM). This is the solution.


Does the code for this solution exist? Is the code universal and can it be applied everywhere? In small business and in large corporates? In the private sector or in government? In “profit” or "not for profit"? YES. We just shared it with you!


We call our model KUDWATM This is the code that creates the climate for implementation and culture change. It helps support you in getting the results you want, sustainably. Contact us to find out how it works.


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How KUDWATM differentiates* itself from typical solutions that promise a change in human behaviour

*Notice the incremental impact each component represents